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Helping teens and young adults recover from anxiety, depression, and self-harm.
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Hi, my name Christian Hill, Licensed Professional Counselor.  I specialize in treating challenging, complicated, and high-risk teen-related issues. As a parent and a professional, I understand the desperate need to find your child or loved one the help they need.  Finding a good therapist or life coach with hundreds to choose from is a daunting task in and of itself.  Which is why I am here to help.

By choosing myself and Alpine Connection CounselingTeam, we are able to offer you some peace of mind knowing that your child or loved one is now on a path to recovery.  Having worked with high-risk teens and young adults for the past twenty years, I believe my expertise, professionalism, ability to connect, and tenacity will not only help you achieve results, but will also help you navigate the recovery process for your child with confidence.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time so I can give you and your family my full focus and effort. Once I'm on the team, I'm on the team!  My level of effort and determination far exceeds the traditional one hour therapy session each week. If we both feel myself and Alpine Connection Counseling is a good fit for you and your family, I will ensure a relentless pursuit to reclaim your loved one's passion, purpose, and new hope for their future.​

Christian T. Hill, MA, LPC​

Licensed Professional Counselor

Meet Christian

There is help, there is hope.

  • Licensed professional counselor

  • Over 20 years of experience working with at-risk teens

  • Both in-office and virtual appointments are available  

  • Comprehensive guidance and navigation for parents through the recovery process

  • Life coaching, mentoring, and experiential opportunities are available 

  • Psychological testing and evaluation

  • Educational advocacy with school admin, IEPs, 504s, behavioral issues, etc.

  • Parent support groups

  • Teen support groups

  • Comprehensive support team building and coordination for your child

  • Available for individual counseling with a parent for guidance

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Creative strategies for teens resistant towards counseling or therapy

  • In-home services available if needed

  • High success rate and customer satisfaction

  • National speaker and trainer for other counselors nationwide