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Teen support group is one of the most powerful tools in helping teens grow and get better along side their peers.  When teens realize they are no longer alone in their struggles they begin to see there is help and there is hope. Each group is led by a trained therapist with a small group of 4-7 members and ensures positive productive conversation as well as development of new coping skills.

Although some teens are apprehensive at first, once they take that first step out of their comfort zone more often than not group will become the highlight of their week and something they schedule their whole week around.

Group is offered virtually and in -person depending on everyone's location and availability.  

WHO:  Teens ages 13-18 struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and self-harm

WHAT:  Weekly teen support group for teens struggling with depression, anxiety, covid adjustment, and self-harm.

WHEN:  Contact Christian for latest group meeting days and times

WHERE:  2770 Main St., Frisco, TX 75033

HOW MUCH:  $50 per session

MORE INFO:  Call or text Christian at (214) 884-4204 or email

To register for group fill out the form below and discover current days and times for open groups, please use the contact form to indicate your interest. 


Is it ok to use your cell phone number to be added to the group text list for updates?

I understand that teen support group is not therapy and is only meant for teens to build community and as a support for teens to discover new coping skills


I understand that group starts and ends at a certain times. (communicated weekly through text updates) Anytime before or after these hours is not considered a function of Alpine Connection Counseling or Christian Hill, MA, LPC 

I understand if I commit to coming to group I will be billed either way for that session

Payment info:

Although you can pay with cash/check, the preferred method of payment is credit card as teens tend lose or forget checks written by parents. You will only be billed when your child commits to group for that evening.

Please just use the card you already have on file
I will either bring, email, text, or leave vm with cc info (info stays on file once recorded)
I prefer to pay cash or check and will send with my child each time
I understand that additional group outings and events are the same price of group plus additional costs for the event if applicable
I am also interested in the parent support group


Before clicking submit, please agree to read and agree to communicate with your child our group rules:

Being  a  part  of  the  Teen  Support  Group  is  a  privilege  and  as  a  result  we  have  a  few  rules  to make  group  the  best  experience  for  everyone.    


Breaking  group  rules  can  result  in  not  being  able to  attend  group  unless  you  follow  a  group  re-entry  plan.


1. It  is  not  permitted  in  group  to  glorify  destructive  behaviors  including  self  harm,  substance use,  eating  disorders,  sexual  promiscuity,  criminal  activity,  or  violence.


2.    Once  group  starts,  electronic  devices  are  only  tolerated  to  share  examples  with  very  minimal use.    Headphones  during  group  while  others  are  talking  or  fixating  on  your  phone  will  not  be allowed  and  is  considered  rude  to  other  group  members.


3.    Smoking  or  the  use  of  substances  are  not  allowed  on  the  property  of  Alpine  Connection Counseling  offices.  It  is  also  not  allowed  to  come  to  group  under  the  influence  of  any  kind.    If someone  comes  to  group  high  or  under  the  influence,  they  will  be  asked  to  leave.


4.    If  a  group  member  discovers  another  group  member  is  in  danger  of  hurting  themselves  or others,  they  have  a  responsibility  and  are  required  to  tell  Christian,  a  parent,  or  a  responsible adult.  


5.    Respect  for  self  and  others  in  the  group  is  mandatory.    Interrupting  others,  gossiping  outside of  group,  being  too  aggressive,  attention  seeking,  or  causing  drama  within  the  group  will  not  be tolerated.


6. Dating  in  group  usually  causes  problems  and  can  negatively  effect  the whole groups focus and attention and will not be tolerated.

Alpine Teen Counseling Center