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Christian T. Hill, MA, LPC is a licensed professional counselor who received his masters degree in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and completed his clinical internship training at Cedar Springs Mental Health Hospital.  Mr. Hill is a member of the American School Counselors Association and an approved therapist with Psychology Today. Entering private practice in 2002, Christian opened Alpine Connection Counseling to specifically work with at-risk teens who struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, suicidal ideation, ASD, as well as specializing in teens who self-harm.  Mr. Hill is considered a leading expert and author on the topic of self-harm (and other complicated teen-relateed issues) and has trained thousands of counselors nationwide.  He is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer for equipping school counselors, hospitals, and community organizations nationwide. 


Christian Hill Self Harm Expert Alpine Connection Counseling

Reaching the hard to reach teen


Christian T. Hill, MA brings over 20 years of experience and expertise in reaching some of the most challenging teens and finding creative solutions for teens and parents.   It becomes obvious when you love what you do and believe change is possible.  Sometimes overcoming the problem is accomplished by not focusing on the problem.


Professional Bio 


Christian T. Hill, M.A., the Self-Harm Expert, is a leader on teenage self-harm. Mr. Hill earned his Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado in 2002 and completed his clinical internship training at Cedar Springs Mental Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mr. Hill received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas in 1991. 


Mr. Hill entered private practice in 2002 and opened Alpine Connection Counseling, focusing on working with at-risk teens who struggle specifically with self-harm and other teen issues such as mood disorders, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, parent-teen relations, academic challenges, and rebellion. He has developed a reputation for understanding self-harm issues from the perspective of a teen. He intuitively can provide innovative and practical guidance to teens, parents, teachers, school administrators, and counselors. Mr. Hill can equip people and organizations who struggle to find innovative and relevant strategies when dealing with self-harm. Mr. Hill is a sought-after speaker on teen self-harm and has spoken in-depth on this topic at many venues. 




What makes the Self-Harm Expert’s perspective unique? In a few words: Real. Authentic. Raw. Unfiltered.


Mr. Hill has been behind closed doors with teenagers for many years. He has a unique ability to connect with young people. In an environment where young people do not feel condemned or judged, they open up and begin to provide critical insights into their feelings and thinking – and often with tremendous vulnerability. Mr. Hill has the rare ability to show from “behind the scenes” what depression, self-harm, and even thoughts of suicide are from the perspective of a struggling teenager.  For many parents, what he shares may seem foreign, unfamiliar, and challenging to grasp fully. And yet, for many teenagers, he merely relays the darkness, despair, confusion, and turmoil they feel inside. These feelings and thoughts lead to actions like self-harm and, in more extreme situations, to thoughts of suicide as a tragic and final escape to permanently stop the pain. 


Mr. Hill is passionate about communicating to adults, parents, counselors what teenagers struggle with internally, and his hope is that concerned adults can step outside their perspective and into the world of young people and try to appreciate where they are coming from. Mr. Hill has the rare ability to bridge the gap from his generation (somewhere between Baby Boomer and Generation X), and the age, culture, and mindset of most of his teenage clients represent (Millennial/Generation Y to Centennials.) 77



Christian T. Hill, MA, LPC

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“The letter from the former client was incredibly powerful.” -Rachel Kohlway, Loyola University, MD

“Christian offered a meaningful, empathetic, and practical approach to working with students that self-harm in understanding ways.” -Eva Marie Thorp, Loyola University, MD

“I learned some amazing strategies to help my students.  I also learned compassion for my students.” -Elizabeth Bohan, Frederick County Public Schools

“Christian clearly knows his clients and how to reach them to change their story toward healing.”-Megan Bowers, St. Mary’s High School

“Fabulous!  Empower!” -Shelley Mason, Worcester Board of Education

“His insight and connection to his clients is phenomenal.  I will be able to take everything and apply it in my practice.” -Angela Montague, Loyola University, MD

“Understanding the behind the scenes of self-harm is so enlightening.” -Leon Washington, Prince George’s County Public Schools

“Presentation was very insightful.  Hearing what goes through the minds of young people.  Especially helpful and unhelpful things to say.” -Rhonda Hackley, HCPSS

“Very informative and practical information I could use in a real world setting.” -Jennifer Reed, Caroline Co. Public Schools

“This was an amazing, informative presentation.  I can tell you make the difference in the lives of children.” -Rebecca Willis, Montgomery County Public Schools

“Slides were helpful, but hearing from real experience is always better.  Thank you to the bravery of the panel.” -Huntsing Ooi, Continuum Recovery of Colorado, CO

“Christian and his panel truly touched my heart and helped me from another perspective to help others.” -Christine N., Health Solutions

“Thank you for more insight on self harm.” -Karen S.

“The ability to really hear what someone who self cuts wants others to understand.  ‘Focus on the person’ was powerful to hear from the panel.” -Ann Kleeger, Health Solutions

“I did not know what I did.” -Rodney M.

“Very informative but mostly insightful.” -Kim Shepard, Behavioral Health Consultants Inc.

“How are you feeling rather than why you are doing it.” -Summer Lordy, University of North Dakota

“I appreciated hearing the strength and hope from those struggling and over coming self harm.”  -Amber King, Valley Hope of Denver

“I now have a better understanding of self harm which will help me in working with my clients.” -Erin R., Bright Futures Psychiatry

“Very powerful training with and extremely great message.” -Brea Coronado, 17th Judicial District Probation


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