Teen support group registration

Teen support group is one of the most powerful tools in helping teens grow and get better along side their peers.  Teens realize there is help and there is hope when they no longer feel alone in their struggles.  Each group is led by a trained therapist with a small group of 4-7 members and ensures positive productive conversation as well as development of new coping skills.

Although some teens are apprehensive at first, once they take that first step out of their comfort zone more often than not group will become the highlight of their week.

Cost:  $50 per session offered virtually and in -person depending on everyone's location and availability.  

WHO:  Teens ages 13-18 

WHAT:  Weekly teen support group for teens struggling with depression, anxiety, covid adjustment, and self-harm.

WHEN:  Contact Christian for your local teen support groups

WHERE:  Address in registration form or contact Christian

MORE INFO:  Contact Christian at 214-884-4204 or 719-233-8336 (call/text), or email chill@alpinec2.com


To register for group fill out the form below and discover current days and times for open groups, please use the contact form to indicate your interest. 

Alpine Teen Counseling Center