Virtual Coaching

A personal message from Christian:

I know as you consider virtual coaching for you and your family it's very normal to wonder if it can be as effective as face-to-face or in office meetings.   Although I understand it can not replace some of the benefits that come from meeting in person, my clients have been pleasantly surprised and encouraged to discover how quickly they can feel more comfortable with this change as well as the amount of work that and progress accomplished.  I know considering this approach can be intimidating and can suggest somehow "less" of a personal experience, but most if not all clients are pleasantly surprised by the level of personal connection, privacy, and effectiveness that can be accomplished through this venue not to mention the convenience of time and money saved through long commutes back and forth.  As someone who specializes in working with teens I would encourage you to keep in mind that communicating online is the world our teenagers live in.  Not only has it allowed me to connect and engage with them in their own online environment, it has given me an even more personal glimpse into their world as they feel comfortable sharing it.  If you are unsure, I encourage you to take advantage of a FREE half hour consult and personally experience how virtual coaching can creatively help you reach the goals and needs of your family.

Christian T, Hill, MA. 719-233-TEEN (8336)


What is virtual coaching?

Virtual coaching is the ability to receive the help and guidance you are seeking via the internet or phone.  Similar to talking to a distant family member or friend over skype or facetime, virtual coaching can provide the specific help you need at the time, place, and environment of you choice.


  • Clients are usually more comfortable and open than they anticipate because they are in the comfort of their own home or environment as opposed to a sterile office that can feel clinical and intimidating.

  • Flexibility in scheduling

  • Increases privacy 

  • Convenience, which seems to result in fewer cancellations than face-to-face

  • Saving valuable time of client commuting to and from appointments

  • Eliminates fears of running into someone you may know or run into in a waiting room 

  • Saves time and money because of transportation costs and commutes

  • Gives teen clients the opportunity to share their world on a more personal level as they feel comfortable

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